The Company

Group of companies in the context of the global health market in the area of the settlement being worked. The Arco Finanz & Service J+K Ahrens OHG acts as a holding company in the group.

The Company:
1997 founding of Ahrens & Ahrens GbR as a basis for the development of the business
1998 founding the Arco VerrechnungsSysteme GmbH
2005 founding the Arco Inkasso GmbH
2012 Arco Verrechnungssysteme GmbH is becoming an official financial services providers in Germany and is subject to the supervision of the Federal Agency for financial services supervision (BaFin) and the supervision of the German Federal Bank.
2014 Ahrens & Ahrens GbR was formed within Arco Finanz & Service J+K Ahrens GbR 
2016 Arco Finanz & Service J+K Ahrens OHG underlines that holding structure
2018 creating a holistic billig concept in the Arco clearing system for private and governmental health insurance billing, and factoring for both systems


Arco holding targets to raise the size and the performance of the group, and to expand internationally and to develop on the long-term the success of the Trade Mark of Arco. This includes in particular the expansion of our consulting services and providing individual software solutions for doctors, hospitals, laboratories, and other medical facilities. We maintain the tradition and the future consistently.